Sean Davidson - Photographer based in New York City


This photographic journal attempts to establish a visual aesthetic for a broader web-based project that considers public and cyber surveillance and its effect on architecture and our lives. The goal of the project is to gain a deeper awareness of public surveillance, and investigate the tools that authorities use to perform surveillance. CCTV cameras and GPS chips are capturing nearly all of our movements, but who is in control of this data, and what are they doing with it? We have looked the other way on congressional bills and signed ourselves into a network of term agreements that give vast amounts more power to those at the top of the wirearchy. The intention going forward is to create a thematic series of zines and produce a web experience. The following photographs are inspired by the aesthetics of film noir, German expressionist cinema, and graphic novels, which aims to create a dystopian visual narrative that invokes suspicion and paranoia.  


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